Pip Install¶

By default, grill won’t install USD, PySide2 & PyOpenGL. This is because DCC apps and other environments bundle them outside of pip. To include them, use the [full] option.

python -m pip install grill
python -m pip install grill[full]


For some DCC applications (e.g. Houdini, Maya) pip needs to run from their corresponding python interpreters:

If pip is missing, follow this guide.

hython3.7 -m pip install grill

Visit the official docs for more details.

mayapy -m pip install grill


Some DCC applications like Houdini-19 and Maya-2022 are still on python-3.7, so installing grill for those applications will require grill<0.13.0.

Extra Dependencies¶

The following optional dependencies should be installed separately.

Conda Environment Example¶

For environment management, The Grill uses conda. This is a walk-through on how to start using The Grill tools with a fresh conda environment.

  1. If the conda command is not on the system yet, install miniconda.


    conda installation comes in two flavors:

  2. Launch Anaconda Prompt (it came as part of the miniconda installation).

  3. Create a new conda environment with python=3.9, for example:

    (base) C:\>conda create -n grilldemo01 python=3.9
  4. Activate that environment:

    (base) C:\>conda activate grilldemo01
  5. Install grill via pip; use the full option to use standalone. Refer to the pip install instructions for more details.

    (grilldemo01) C:\>python -m pip install grill[full]
  6. If missing, (optionally) install graphviz via conda:

    (grilldemo01) C:\>conda install -c anaconda graphviz
  7. You should be able to see the 👨‍🍳 Grill menu in USDView, Maya and Houdini*.


    To see the menu in Houdini, run this additional step (which installs the grill houdini package on the Houdini’s user preferences):

    hython3.7.exe -c "from grill.__startup__ import houdini;houdini.install_package()"

    The manual execution of this step might be removed in the future.